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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pink Pot of Hope - Guest Blogger - Basket Weaving - Basketry - Basket Making

Dear Friends,
A couple of days ago I came across this post by my fellow blogger and friend Juliana Deen. It was so touching to me because every older woman on both sides of my family has either passed away from breast cancer or is a survivor. My own mother is a survivor. I have even spoken to an oncologist about caring for myself because of this strong family history. The oncologist was very encouraging and said to me that awareness, monthly self exams and yearly mammograms are the best for early detection.
Please read through this post and I encourage you to get your pattern of Pink Pot of Hope through The author of this pattern is Jennifer Rhodes.
I have spoken, through written word, to both Juliana and Jennifer. Juliana has agreed to let me use her post and Jennifer is very happy for us to get the word out about her basket pattern.
I've ordered my pattern and am anxious to weave the basket.
Thank you Julie for the use of your post and thank you Jenn for creating a basket pattern that is helping such a worthy cause.
With love and blessings,

Nancy's added note: If you order just a pattern from, their computer doesn't distinguish patterns only when it comes to s/h. You are initially charged $5, but they refunded me $3.

Pink Pot of Hope - by Juliana Deen - Deen Homestead Basketry

Last week I discovered three basket weaving groups on Facebook after becoming friends with Claudia Hopkins .

One of them, called "Addicted to Basket Weaving", is moderated by Jennifer Rhodes, of Basket Weaving Supplies.

It was there that I first saw her basket design called The Pink Pot of Hope.

It was not just the beauty of this basket that drew me in, but also the reason why Jennifer created this basket in the first place.

A client of hers who had been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, asked Jennifer to design something that she could give as a gift to thank all of those who had helped her through that difficult time.

What I find so very touching is that this woman, who had gone through a terrible ordeal, was still thinking about others, and that she chose a BASKET as the gift of choice!

I am sure that Jennifer felt very honored by the request, and the pattern she came up with was surely a labor of love.

What is even MORE special is that you can purchase this pattern, and for every one sold, Jennifer will donate $1 to the Susan G. Komen Fund.

I'm sure that most of us know someone who has had breast cancer. As you know, our family recently lost a beautiful woman to this disease, and not too long ago, a high school classmate lost her battle with it at the age of 47. It seems that everyone you talk to has had their life touched in some way by breast cancer.

Jennifer's pattern has inspired me to want to do MY part in helping to defeat breast cancer.
I ordered my pattern this weekend, and am planning to make and sell these gorgeous baskets and donate a portion of my profit to breast cancer research.

Jennifer notes:

" The “honey pot” shape is significant because it seemed like a good place to store good things: thoughts, hopes, prayers, dreams, thanks, etc. "

I would like to encourage everyone to go over to and purchase your pattern today.

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Juliana said...

Nancy, Thanks so much for having me as a guest blogger, but more importantly, thank you for helping to spread the word about this very special pattern! I can't wait to get mine and start weaving!

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