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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Living a DIY Lifestyle - My Life

Dear Friends,
One of my husband's favorite quotes throughout our 21 years of marriage has been, "It's not brain surgery." He would say this to anyone feeling self doubt about whether or not they could perform a specific task. He would encourage anyone to learn and figure out how to accomplish their project. "You can do it, it's not brain surgery or it's not rocket science."
This has saved us literally thousands of $$$ over the years. We've done all our own home and vehicle maintenance projects. We've built many things in our home and have done our own major remodeling projects. If we can avoid hiring out the project, we do so. Mike and I married at the early ages of 21 and 23. He knew and was never afraid of taking things apart to find out why it was broken and then to replace the broken part.
Bring this down to a more domestic level and I cook for my family and have done much sewing in the past although now it is more cost effective to purchase some ready made clothing for a couple of dollars than it is to buy fabric and a pattern along with zippers, buttons and other notions. I still sew most all the curtains in the house as well as other home decorator items and an apron as you saw HERE. As you all know, I enjoy basket weaving (of course) and scrapbooking as well as all forms of crafting.
I enjoy gardening and do what I can in my small space. (We live on just under 1/4 acre).
There are times when we know our limits and must hire out some work or the amount of time involved is just to great. Sometimes we don't have the proper tools to do a project.
Doing it yourself gives a great sense of accomplishment.
It is satisfying to say, "I did this."


Anonymous said...

You are so right about the confidence of DIY. It is a wonderful story you tell about your lifestyle. I changed mine after visiting Belize on a missionary trip. Thanks for sharing Nancy. Blessed Sunday to your family.

branch manager said...

Nancy it's so true that DIY can be a real money saver and give you a sense of accomplishment. It can also be a good chuckle when it doesn't quite work out the way you planned!

Jenn said...

I am amazed at your generosity in providing all this wonderful, clear information in making beautiful baskets. I have been watching your YouTube videos for about an hour now. I like your new short haircut (at #17). My only problem is I have no supplies! I will have to place an order and WAIT for them to arrive. Horrors! I want to follow along NOW! Thanks again, Nancy. I truly appreciate what you've given us all.

Paula said...

Here, Here!!!! We are the same way!

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