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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Primo Blog Award!

Thank you Karin from Mini Ramblings and Musings for this lovely award!

It didn't come with rules (completely ok by me) so I'm just going to pass it on to 5 blogs that I enjoy. I hope you will take a moment to check them out. These are blogs that I find informational, motivational and just fun-ational (ok, I made that word up). I bet you will find these blogs as enjoyable as I do.

Becky at Clean Mama - This is a recent blog that I have found. Clean Mama has some great organizational printables and fun ideas. (I think Clean Mama and I must be kindred spirits)

Becca at Nap Time Journal - Love the craft ideas here!! I put some of her craft ideas on my to-do list they are THAT good.

Lynn at Queen of the Castle Recipes - Lynn finds some truly delicious recipes around the web that she shares with her readers. Thanks Lynn for the yummy food you've helped me get on the table!

Passport to Savings and Food - Here is a great blog to get some menu planning inspiration.

Rachel at Frugal and Simple Living - Rachel is full of ideas and tips for just like her blog says, frugal and simple living. Most importantly, she has been a real inspiration in me starting my Making Our Home a Haven Podcast.

Thanks again Karin for the great award,


CLEAN MAMA said...

THANK YOU NANCY! I am honored!

nap time journal said...

Thanks Nancy!!! That was so great of you :) Happy crafting!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nancy on your award. You have found some great new folks to visit. Blessings

Passport To Savings And Food said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. It is so encouraging to know I am helping others. I do have to admit my accident today though. I posted the Starbucks free coffee a day early. It has been one of those weeks. I sure hope I have not lost any fellow bloggers over my boo boo. Thanks again for the encouraging words and congratulations on your blog award.

JulieChats said...

Congratulations! Thanks for stopping by my blog. The photo you asked about is the front cover of my folding mini album. I wish you were here to take my class too! :) Nice to meet you. I'm your newest follower!

Lynn said...

Thanks so much, Nancy! How sweet! Now I'm going to have a wonderful time poking around these other sites you mentioned. Blogland -- such fun. Happy basket making :)

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