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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beautiful and Busy Springtime

Dear Friends,
Spring is my favorite season. It could stay spring year round as far as I'm concerned. Here are a few pics from my backyard.

The high school play has been in full production with Seussical the Musical which is a compilation of Dr. Seuss books. Ok, I'm going to gush here, but this has been the best high school musical I've ever seen. The vocals and choreography were amazing. Mike and I were smiling the entire performance. Perhaps we're just proud parents. Here is Katie as one of the Whos from Whoville. Her picture was on the front page of the paper today. (I bought 2 copies)

I have made this bunny cake every year since the kiddos were babies. It is a tradition to have this with our Easter meal.

Below are some pictures taken on Easter Sunday.
Top left: Katie is alter serving at a special outdoor mass.
Top right: Getting ready for the egg hunt. (Katie, Laura, Tim and Emily) Laura has been our German foreign exchange student from near Frankfurt. The group of exchange students were here only 2 weeks. I took Laura to the airport this morning. It was a sad farewell as she was such as sweet girl and fit in perfectly with our family. We will miss you Laura. You will ALWAYS be in our thoughts and prayers.
Bottom left: I thought this was such a sweet picture of Emily as she is hunting for eggs. (As for Emily's fibromyalgia, we're trying a new medication. She has good days and bad. I think the best thing for her is to keep her mind off of it)
Bottom right: Tim found a grand prize hiding in the grill!
I hope each of you are enjoying the warmer weather.
Love and blessings to you all,


Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by today.. I really liked all of your pictures.. Have a great Sunday..

Lesa's Life said...

Looks like a fun time! I've made that cake too!!! I had forgotten all about it until I saw your pic. Too late for Easter, but maybe I'll do it just because it's spring. Now if I can find my second round cake pan......

Jen said...

I just checked out your Easter bowls! So cute!! I would have never thought to crochet on something like a plastic bowl! So creative!!

I too LOVE spring but my allergies this time of year is killing me!! I am enjoying the warmer weather though! I better enjoy it now before it gets HOT here in Texas!

Carmie, the Single Nester said...

My niece was a pink flower in Seussical and she was incredible. I was impressed.

paige said...

Lots of fun things are happening in this post. I love it.

My mom made me a bunny cake for a birthday when I was little and I was in awe of her culinary prowess even as a child. This cake reminded me of it. Thanks!

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