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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Have I jinxed myself?

Dear Friends,

This past week I've been painting my guest room. Now that Laura has returned to Germany the room is empty for a couple of weeks until my in-laws come for a visit. Perhaps it is spring calling me, but I've had the urge to get it painted.
Here's the funny story though. It has been a longstanding joke between Mike and I that every time I paint the last room of the house we end up having to move. Then I have to start all over again. The guest room was the LAST ROOM OF THE HOUSE for me to paint.
Mike knows I don't want to move and I don't believe he wants to move either. I feel really blessed where we are at right now as this home fits my family like a perfect glove. A couple of weeks ago I planted eight asparagus plants that my mother gave me. I planted them thinking, "Why? What's the point?... I should have planted these asparagus plants three years ago when we moved here. Now it is going to take two years until they produce. I'll never get the fruits of my labor with them. (woe me do I have the wrong attitude) Typically throughout our marriage my husband's company has moved us every two years and we've already been living here for three years now.
Ok, seriously, I don't believe in anything like a jinx. I'm only kidding here. I believe the good Lord has a plan for us along with having given us free will. Should an opportunity for us to move arise, it is our free will as to whether or not we would take that opportunity and and no matter our decision we will do our best to live as Godly children and to trust in the Lord to take care of us.
So I am hopeful that just because I painted the last room in our house this does NOT mean we will be moving anytime in the near (or distant) future. I've decided that my next project is to repaint my kitchen (see, I'm really not finished painting). I've never been happy with the color of my kitchen. What looked pretty as a paint sample is really kind of a pukey color (excuse my language). Actually it looks prettier in the photo than it does in person. I'm planning to paint it a light melon or coral color probably this fall sometime.

One more thing, as far as putting my home on a diet, when I painted the guest room I removed and took to goodwill a large trash bag full of stuff. I already had the paint and the only thing I did buy to decorate the room was a $16 bed skirt. Yes, I hide things under the bed and there never had been a bed skirt on it before. So for $16 I updated my little room.

BTW...The cabinet to the left of the bed is a computer armoir which is where I do my blogging and check my e-mails. This was also the room where I was growing my little seedling plants by the window when no one was visiting us. So this is kind of like MY room and therefore it is the girliest room in the house. (It's even more girly than my girl's rooms) My mother made the quilts, I did some of the needlework on the pillow (I'll have to take a close up of it) and I did the flower arranging. There is a couple of my baskets in the room as well that I made but the photos don't show them.

So this was my project for the week. I can't believe it took me three years to get to and paint this room. Did any of you do a project this past week? I'd love to hear and read about it.

Have a blessed Sunday,


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glor said...

Your room look so sweet, as is your blog. Enjoying myself visiting here, off to your other blog. Have a wonderful blessed day.

Juliana/A Hand Woven Life said...

Nancy, you have such a lovely home! I like the color you used in the guest cheerful! I'm like you...painted my kitchen blue last year but am not truly happy with it. But what a job painting a kitchen is, so it's staying like that for a while! ;)

Nita said...

The guest room looks great! Nice and inviting. I like the kitchen too of course. Nope, you're not done painting the house yet so you won't have to move. haha

I've not been weaving much lately but have been working on a quilt for my brother. I did finish the coiled basket I was working on. Now to mail it to my cousin.

Becky said...

that is my kind of room

InnovativeMom said...

(Cute blog, came over from DIY day)
I love your guest space! And I vote for coral for the kitchen! I use to hate *cough* that color but my mother painted her living room coral and accented it with strong black and white pieces! Adorable! Good luck with the future project!!!

Sarah said...

I Love this! Super cute! I would love it if you linked up to my Talk About it Tuesday party because you have such cute ideas!

My Slice of Heaven said...

Wow, it's amazing how paint can change the whole mood of a room. It looks very inviting and cozy!

Weavin' Wicker Woman said...

Very nice painting job there Nancy! And I thought we'd moved around a lot, but never every two years or so! We've been married almost 37 years and have moved a total of 14 times. Longest we lived in one place was 10 years and now it looks like we're coming close in Northern Minnesota with 8. Cathryn

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I LOVE "putting my home on a diet." I need to do more of that. My husband gets onto me because he says I throw everything away, but I really feel like we have SO much extra stuff. HE could be featured on that show Hoarders. ;) Great job on your room!

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