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Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Home is on a DIET

Dear Friends,

We all try to eat healthy in my home and I do my very best to cook nutritious meals. I'm so grateful that we've raised our children up NOT to be picky eaters. Mike and I try hard to watch our weight as it will easily increase, but this is not the type of diet I'm referring to.

My house has a waistline that is increasing. I feel in some ways we are bursting. My pantry and freezer are full. Our closets are full. Our garage and backyard storage shed is full. My craft area is really bulging. I know that this is a blessing so please don't think I'm not grateful for having plenty of food to eat and a variety of clothes to wear. (I'm a very frugal thrift store and garage sale shopper and it is hard for me to pass up some great deals).

It is also very hard for me to get rid of things. I was always raised to be frugal and to save for a rainy day. Yes I do clean and declutter, but not enough. I really need to say "goodbye" to some of what we have.

My first plan of action is to 'live on what we already have'. I'm not saying I won't buy anything, because there are things we need to live on. We need fresh milk, fruits, vegetables and bread. We have a few upcoming projects that we will need things for. That is fine. What I'm saying is that we will shop from home first. I'm notorious for buying surplus when it is on sale and sticking it away. Then when it comes time that we need some of the surplus, sometimes I forget that I have it and buy more! Argh!

My second plan of action is to 'reuse and recycle what we already have'. If I need something, how can I make it with what I have on hand. I have things stuck in closets that could be repurposed into something else if needed because they are just sitting in the closet not being used at all. Yet, I don't want to get rid of those items because they are in perfectly good condition and I might need them 'someday'.

My third plan of action is to be more ruthless with my decluttering. It is truly time to say goodbye to some things. I hope that over the course of a year our home waistline will whittle in size.

Have a beautiful day.



Flat Creek Farm said...

Thanks for the reminder, Nancy! I was doing much the same, then Spring hit, and I turned my attentions OUTside. But INside really needs to continue the diet! :) Best wishes in your home diet! -Tammy

Carmen C. said...

Hi Nancy~ I should put my house on a diet too, it's too small for all the "junk" we've accumulated over the years! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, and how's your daughter doing?

branch manager said...

Excellent plan and advice as usual Nancy. I've been attempting this on a smaller scale since my kids have moved on to university, one corner of the house at a time. I've had a few relapses, especially with craft supplies! It's good to lighten the load whatever it is. Happy spring!

Lynn said...

I love that idea, Nancy, of putting our homes on a diet ;) I think most of us (at least those in the U.S.) can relate to having more stuff than we really need. Sometimes when I look at my stash of crafts supplies, I realize I probably have enough to last me the rest of my days :0! I've been reading organizing/decluttering books lately from the library, and one suggestion I love is to look at each category of "stuff" (clothes, books, board games) and try to get rid of one out of every 10 items. That seems very doable, and when I've done it with my shelves of books I find I really don't miss that one in ten, and can often pass it on to someone who is in the exact stage of life where they could use it. Great post!

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