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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Would you be so kind to explain something to me....

Hi Friends,
I'm trying to create a blog post of my task/cleaning schedule that I wrote about a few days ago. I have it typed out in 3 columns in Microsoft word. When I try and place it in the post here, it just makes it one long list that looks like a mess. So....I tried saving it as a PDF file because I've seen bloggers have tutorials and things in a PDF format. I still cannot get it to post here or I should say, I cannot copy and paste it in its PDF format.

Would one or more of you kind, KIND readers explain to me how to get something I've written in Microsoft Word to appear on my blog post without it distorting my columns. It doesn't have to be a PDF file, just whatever will work to get it posted.

Please tell me this made sense what I'm asking. I sure hope someone can help me. Anybody???
With warm blessings,


J. Anthony Stubblefield said...


The best was I can think to make three columns in your blog is to use an HTML table. Of course if you don't know HTML then it won't be as easy. Have you ever used Google Docs? We use that at work to format email messages at work and use tables to format memos and such.


Flea said...

I don't know technology enough to answer well. I know that blogger moves stuff around to fit, so it might turn out wonky anyway. Google it?

Anonymous said...

Morgan suggests that you upload an attachment that others could download. She says the width of your post is probably the reason it won't post in the three column form. Maybe this will help.

Weavin' Wicker Woman said...


You might try copying and pasting the Word document into Notepad. Then copy it out of Notepad and into the Blogger editor. Maybe that will work better, because Word messes with the HTML coding and does strange things to it and is not a good place to transfer from. Hope this helps and works!

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