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Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Couple of Interesting Oddities

Just a couple of funny things I noticed today. 
There were just a whole flock of birds sitting on our garden shed.  The interesting thing is that they were all beautiful robins.  I told the kids they were having a discussion as to where they were soon going to build their nests in the yard.  Wish I had a picture because it really was a site.  I could have understood if it were pigeons all gathered together, but these were pretty robins.

Second, I thought my shopping cart sure containted a lot of "white" items.

No veges or fruit, no meat, just a few needed things and they were all white!  You sure have to watch the labels close these days.  I wanted AP flour but they have bread flour right next to it.  Same with the sour cream.  I want fat free and it is right next to the low fat and regular sour cream.  Dang, this adds minutes to my shopping time having to watch the labels so closely.
I've been noticing that my refrigerator and pantry are looking more and more white all the time lately.  How about yours?
Have a wonderful evening,


J.R. said...

Yeah, I noticed all the white in my refrigerator, too, the other day. I guess Walmart is trying to cut costs by eliminating all the color from their packaging......

Now, if I could only get Julie to come over to organize my refrigerator, I'd be all set!! Then I'd not only be color coordinated, but alphabetized as well!!! :D

Naomi said...

ha! i never noticed or paid attention.
I guess I don't have much white in my pantry (i don't shop walmart)
we are smith shoppers--gotta get the gas credit...

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