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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Source of those Robins

Here it is 7:00 am this morning and I'm listening to the birds chirp and thinking to myself that spring is right around the corner.  I love to listen to the birds.  Honestly, they are really getting quite loud and so I go take a peek and there are all those robins that I mentioned yesterday.  Big ol' fat robins!  The pyracantha bush was LOADED and the picture doesn't do it justice with how many were in the yard.  They were on the fence, on the garden shed, in other trees.  I have two other pyracanthas in the yard and it looks like the berries on the other two have been picked clean.  Will probably only be a day or so and this one will be stripped too.  I always thought pyracanthas were poisonous but obviously the birds don't agree. 
Here are just a couple of pics from my indoor garden that is coming along.
You all can do the happy dance with me because spring is right around the corner.  I say this as it is 30degrees outside right now.  I'm soooo looking forward to warmer weather.
Enjoy your day!
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Barkley's Mommy said...

Am I seeing plastic soda bottle tops used for little greenhouses? I need to know more...

branch manager said...

Enjoy the robins! I'm sure we won't see them here for another couple of months and that's optimistic.

J.R. said...

Aaww! Look at all those little garden babies!! I think you're going to have a really great garden this summer!!! :D ......That is, if you can keep the robins away from your plants! :))))

proswet654 said...

過去的事早已消失,未來的事更渺不可知,只有現在是真實的 ..................................................

Tootsie said...

welcome to Fertilizer Fridays!!! I loved the post today. your seedlings are such a great sign of spring coming. In the spring here my back yard is filled for about two days with hundreds of them on their way back from warmer climates.

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