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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Lenten Resolution

Dear Friends,
Today is Ash Wednesday. It is an important day on the Christian calendar as it is the beginning of Lent. It is a time of preparation for Easter the highest of Holy Days. It is a time of repentance and prayer. Many people use this season to give up something as a sacrifice and to offer that sacrifice up to God. I teach religion, this year to first graders, and I speak to them about Lent and having a Lenten resolution. Those children can come up with some thoughtful answers. "I'm going to share my toys every day." "I'm going to help my mother every day with chores." "I'm going to pray every day." Some I'm sure have heard their parents speak about what they are doing for lent and will say, "I'm not going to watch TV," "I'm not going to eat candy," and so on. I really stress to them, and to my own children that this is a time not just of sacrifice, but a time to keep Christ first and foremost in our thoughts and in our actions. It is a time to work on becoming closer to Christ and becoming a better person.

I've given quite a bit of thought this past week as to what my Lenten resolution would be this year. For myself I've decided to truly be obedient to my husband and to put him first above myself. It is easy to say, "sure Honey I'll get to that," and it gets pushed to the bottom of the pile or is the task completed at the end of the day. I have decided that when he asks me to do something I will put it first, if at all possible, and do it right away or at least at my first opportunity. I will also do it with a glad attitude and happy heart. So when he asks me to help him with the taxes, ugh that's going to be the tough one for me, I'll smile and say "sure". It will be hard to have a happy heart for that task.

One thing I must confess is so far this year he hasn't asked me what my Lenten resolution will be and I haven't volunteered it either ;-) Not that he'd take advantage of my kind gestures, but I can see the potential where he might think he could have some fun with this. As long as none of you blab to him about my resolution I'll be in good shape. He doesn't read my blog unless I have something specific to show him so no worries about writing it here. Now if he asks me what I'm doing for Lent I will tell him, but otherwise I'm keeping my lip zipped.

My desire through this resolution this year is that I want to become a more Godly woman and I want my God light to shine.

Have you made a Lenten resolution? I'd love to hear what you chose this year.

with Love and God's Blessings,

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Flea said...

You crack me up, with your silent resolution. I'd forgotten today was Lent. Thank you for the reminder. I have a friend who adds something for 40 days every year. Last year it was writing a note of appreciation and mailing it to a different person every day for 40 days.

Dang - I was going to get off of sugar and eat whole grains. I already had egg custard and chocolate chip cookie this morning.

Have fun obeying your husband. :) I work on that a little more all the time. Our communication improves all the time as a result. Marriage is hard work.

Carmie - the Single Nester said...

The last few years, I gave up cursing for Lent. It really didn't go well :) This year, I am deciding on a few; Get up earlier, don't eat after 8pm or get out and away from this laptop.

Joyfull said...

Beautiful! I'm sure this is an area many of us wives would benefit from, and our homes would also. I"m sworn to secrecy! Hope your actions bless him beyond measure. Thanks for sharing.

momstheword said...

My husband doesn't read my blog either, although I have asked him to read a post before I submit it.

I could write a whole blog post on submission, lol. Actually, I think I have!:0) Thank you for linking up today!

Lesa said...

What a blessing your resolution will be to you and your hubby. And I love the fact that you haven't told him yet. LOL. And here I thought I was the only one whose hubby doesn't read her blog. Glad I'm not alone.

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