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Monday, February 22, 2010

Using a Blog Calendar

Dear Friends,
Do you use a blog calendar? I wanted to share mine with you as it is something that just helps me keep my thoughts straight when planning future posts.

I begin by downloading a free printable calendar. I got mine HERE. My preference is the one month on one page format. What I like about this one is that there is room for notes on the same page below the calendar.

I insert holidays and important family days on the calendar. Then I fill in the empty spots with blogging ideas as they come up. If I feature a friend that is typically on Fridays so I would write that information in on whatever Friday I want to schedule someone for.

I don't only think of holidays, I try to think ahead about the season or other events. For instance May is the end of school so I will want to write about end of the school year teacher gifts at that time.

Sometimes I run across information on the internet that I feel worthy of sharing. I can just schedule it for an empty day.

What do you do to help you schedule your posts?

Baskets of Happiness,
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Anonymous said...

That is a great idea Nancy. When I get an idea, I go to a new post name it and insert the idea. Then I date it for a future day and always consider what is going on at that time. Then as I work I keep checking the scheduled post to either add or delete or enlarge on the idea. I usually work on my computer at a scheduled time in the day. I have a schedule for computer, painting or craft and household chores. I am of course retired and it gives my day purpose and time to spend with my HH. Thanks for sharing.

Nita said...

That's a good idea! You're so organized. I never "plan" when I'm gonna post. It just kinda happens for me but then I don't have followers checking on me daily like you do. lol

Jody said...

Love this idea Nancy...going to give this one a try myself! Thanks so much!

J. Anthony Stubblefield said...

I don't know. I need help getting something posted each week, let alone every day. I did just make a list of topics that I hopefully will check off as I go. I really need to have a few posts written and just waiting to be published that I can use on busy weeks.

I have tried to start writing shorter posts, but I am a long-winded writer, just ask anyone that has received an email from me!


Carmie - the Single Nester said...

I love to make lists. With regards to blog posts, I usually just write down a thought or idea that I want to blog about and when I have a free moment, I schedule a blog post.

Paula said...

Thanks for the info Nancy. I go to a new post like Queenmothermamaw said. I don't know how you find the time to do all of this.

Heather@ My Frugal Family said...

Great idea!!

Thank you so much for linking up with the Talented Tuesday link party at My Frugal Family, which is hosted every Tuesday. Please feel free to stop back in every week and post your newest projects!

JulieChats said...

Thanks for the idea! I can't seem to keep it all straight and this may be my solution!

Just stopping by from Today's Creative to say hi! Just signed up to follow you too. Stop by when you get a chance I'm always looking for a few more crafty followers!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

When I get an idea, I create a draft of a post and date it for a month out or something, or if it's for a specific day, I'll date it for that day. It's always such a nice surprise to go to create a new post and find that I already have an idea for that day and I can quickly type it up! I love your idea, also ... great job!

concretenprimroses said...

Um plan ahead?
What a great idea!
I'm trying to schedule my time better, thanks for the ideas.

Mommabear said...

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing, I think I need to try this out instead of just winging it when I feel like posting :)

fawnda said...

I really should be doing more than I am... I usually work week by week.. I will start and post and leave it as a draft until I am ready to use it. But I need to get a better system so thanks for inspiring me!

Sarah said...

Fabulous idea!
God's blessings,
Sarah :D

jenjen said...

What a great idea! I really need to do that!

Thanks for linking it up to my party!!!


Amber Star said...

Actual planning doesn't really happen in my life or blog. I'm mostly a stream of conciousness sort of girl, but actually I need all sorts of reminders for my real life activities. I missed a meeting this past week and I'll probably be beaten for it for the next year. I'm thinking this is not the group for me.

I really would love to learn basket making, but I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and don't know how much one has to be able to manage before completing the project. I still knit when my hands allow it. Last week they were on strike and swelled up to let me know they were hacked off about something.

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