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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Around the House Saturday - I'm starting my garden!

I'm weird. I say that because it is a happy day for me when I get to play in the dirt work in the garden! How many girls like to play in the dirt? Not just any ol' dirt. It has to be good rich garden soil.
On Jan 18th I started my summer garden indoors. I had written for the past two years in my garden journal to start my indoor seeds for the pepper plants sooner. It was great to see that Lowes had their seeds already out and on display. I also decided for the first time ever to try and grow tomatoes from seed. I've always bought my tomato plants, although small, already started. The last two years I thought the price of plants has really gone up. So, we'll see how it works starting them from seed. If this fails, I can always buy the plants around April.
I have a small guest bedroom with a window that faces the west so it gets a fair amount of sunlight. I brought in a small table and set it between the bed and window. It can always be moved it if family come to visit. So we'll see.... For tomatoes I've planted some Big Boy, Early and Often, and some Cherry tomatoes. For peppers I've planted Jalapenos, Green peppers, and a package that was titled Salsa Mix and it showed a variety of eight different peppers. Those plants will be a surprise!
Mmmmmm There is not much better in life than to get to play in the dirt. I can taste the good food now!
Baskets of Blessings,


John Toft Basketry said...

There's an article in today's paper suggesting it is time to start seeds indoors as you have done. But, with a temperature of minus 16 Celcius it takes a big stretch of the imagination to put that suggestion into practice!

Barkley's Mommy said...

You live in New Mexico, yet I did not see green chile on your list! I'm going to share some seeds with you so you can share the joy of roasting homegrown chile on the grill... Or even making your own ristra :-)

Paula said...

Home grown is always the best! This post gives me blogging ideas. TFS!

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