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Friday, March 12, 2010

What's Your Feeling About Spring Cleaning

Hi Friends,
Here is my second podcast. It is titled What's Your Feeling About Spring Cleaning. This podcast is about 6 minutes long and in it I discuss what I do INSTEAD of spring cleaning. I hope you enjoy it.
Mike helped me with the audio this time so it is improved. I'm still having trouble uploading it to ITunes. I got my first podcast uploaded to ITunes without any trouble, but this one has me stumped. If any of you have any tips to give me regarding audio posting, I't would be much appreciated. Also, if any of you have other audio host sites besides TalkShoe I'd like to hear about them. I went with TalkShoe as it is a free audio host source.
Anyway, back to spring cleaning. How do you do your spring cleaning? Is it the way I do it?
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Juliana said...

Nancy, I really liked this podcast! It is a nice and different approach that I think is very smart! Me? I'm not real consistent with deep spring cleaning. For example, we have lived here 10 years and I just recently wiped out the insides of all my kitchen cupboards! They were grimy, to be sure, but not as bad as I would have expected! Anyway, thanks for the great ideas! {{HUGS!}}

glor said...

Nancy, I'm so excited to check all around here and looking to add basket weaving to my to do list! Yours are magnificent. Thank you for such sweet comments you left on my blog. I certainly will be following you around!

Have a wonderful blessed weekend!

Erin said...

I'm not really a spring cleaner...I just deep clean in fits and spurts through out the year. Throwing open the windows in spring is not something I grew up doing as I grew up in So Cal...i suspect that is why spring cleaning hasn't ever had much meaning for me.

momstheword said...

That was great! I like to do a spring cleaning and a fall cleaning. That's when I do the closets, drawers, etc.

I also have rooms (like the living room and kitchen) that I will wash the windows in a little more often. The dogs stick their noses on some of the windows and so I need to clean those more often, lol!

Thanks for linking up today!

jenjen said...

Hi Nancy!!

I don't love Spring Cleaning, but I make myself do it. It feels so good when everything's clean!!!

Thanks so much for linking up to my party! I really appreciate it!


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