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Monday, March 22, 2010

Strawberry Planting

Good Morning Friends,
I tried planting strawberries last year in the little pots above. They are four pots placed on a piece of re-bar that has been stuck in the ground. It looked pretty at the time last year but I got very few strawberries. I think the pots were to small to hold the moisture and strawberries need a good drink.

I was in Big Lots and ran across this hanging planter. I've seen these before but have not tried them. I'm going to give it a go. Then wouldn't you know, Walmart already had strawberry plants in the store. I bought some to go in the planter and I'm going to hang it on the patio. I think it is too early to put them out just yet so the plants are sitting in my kitchen. The nighttime temperatures are still getting down to 30 degrees. It's been nice though in the afternoons with temperatures 55 to 60. I can't wait to start playing in my garden!
My little plants I started by seed are still growing indoors but they sure look spindly. I hope they will produce.
Have any of you started your gardens yet?
Baskets of Blessings,


Karin F. said...

wow! I didn't realize that it gets so cold at night in NM. That's close to what we are getting here. We're probably still slightly colder at night and don't get quite as high in the day....
Are those the norm for you or is it just cooler this yr?
hugs Karin
PS if you're buying strawberries, make sure to buy the everbearing. They'll give you berries all yr long.

Anonymous said...

Try the strawberry pots again. I have seen them done that way. I bought Pansys but putting off a day or two even though I know Pansys are pretty hardy just want them pretty for Easter.

Nita said...

I started a few things awhile back and they are kinda spindly too. Some of my seeds haven't done a thing. I may start something different in those pots.

I love the rebar planter! I saw this last year and would like to put one together this spring. I will put flowers in mine though. Maybe some impatiens. I have a lot of shade in my yard.

Betsy said...

Our strawberries (in a raised bed) did poorly the first year. The second year, however, they really took off! Yours may just need some more time...


We in our harvesting time for strawberries, I've grown mine in container gardens before and they do really well. Give it another shot.

I nominated your blog for the Kreativ Blogger Award you can pick up your award at my blog
I've been working on the scarf and should be done before the month is out. I'll let you know when I mail it to you. God Bless.

plbutcher said...

Hello, up here in Alaska we have become very adaptive to at least have a nice garden in a short season. Last year I used a topsy turvy for tomatoes and put strawberry plants in them instead. I started the plants inside under a grow light and then transplanted them into the topsy turvy and put them out sometime around June, since we had a snowfall on May 18th. Then prior to the first frost I brought it inside and watered it every two weeks. I know have the whole thing under the grow light and took the new cuts and replanted them. I got at least 40 qts of strawberries last year. Give a try you might be impressed. I also have started all of my garden and flowers and can't wait for a nice warm day to transplant them into the garden.

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