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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Menu Planning - Part 3 - Refrigerator and Freezer Organization

Julie from Deen Homestead Basketry sent me a couple of pictures to share with you. The top photo shows her refrigerator freezer. She uses plastic baskets to help organize her food.

In the bottom photo you are looking at a chest freezer. Julie uses the reusable grocery bags in here to keep her items separated. One bag holds chicken, another pork another green beans etc. She finds it much easier to lift the bags out of the freezer with the handles. I think it is very clever. I also know my mother would be pleased with this. You are adding an extra layer of protection to prevent freezer burn.
Julie has also shared with me a website; Cooking by Numbers. You enter the food you have on hand in your pantry or freezer and the website comes up with a recipe for you. How clever!
An organized freezer, refrigerator and pantry all aid in menu planning. Thanks Julie for the photos.
What are some other food organizational tips that you have? I'd love to hear and share them.


J.R. said...

Now that is organization! One question: After you've spent all that time setting up the "system," how do you keep everyone else in the household from messing it up? That's my problem. I could set it up, but it wouldn't take a week before everything was in disarray again!

I love the Cooking By Numbers website! Thanks for posting!

Juliana said...

J.R. LOL, I don't have that problem here as everyone avoids going to the basement to get something out of the freezer! Not only that, but if they don't SEE it, they think it isn't there! But I do have that problem everywhere else in my house! Nothing is ever put back where it mom used to put all our stray items in a pile on the living room floor and say "IF this stuff isn't picked up and put away in the next ten minutes it's going in the trash!" That usually worked!

Paula said...

Now that's organized! I'll need to check out the web site.

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