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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just a Note

Dear Blog Friends,
I've just got something going on in my head I want to get out.

I've always thought of my blog as a place to share knowledge and I've never taken a single penny or made any money for my blog or what I have posted. I've received so much in friendship, knowledge, smiles and laughs from reading all of your blogs including wonderful inspiration and some fantastic recipes as well that I feel my giving and sharing on my blog is the least I can do in return. From time to time I've received gifts from you and they have been deeply appreciated. Thank you.

What I have been working on lately though is teaching myself website development. With any luck, I hope to have my own website up and running some time in January. I've been quite proud of myself in what I've learned thus far. Every small step I make with it seems like climbing a mountain.

Although my website is in the very early stages I just wanted to let you know that there will be some items on it in which will 'hopefully' bring me a little income. I plan to have some of my own things for sale as well as possibly advertisers or promote others items in return for compensation.

The reason I'm telling you all this is because though my development of the website I've learned that this past week there has been a huge launch of a program regarding making money fast with blogs. It could possibly be legitimate, but it has a great potential for unethical activity. I anticipate we will see a large increase in websites and blogs in the next few weeks or couple of months that will look good on the outside but could be a scam. Perhaps scam isn't the right word, it would be that people could/would be taken advantage of.

The planned timing of launching my website stinks now with what I've been hearing. I wouldn't want anyone thinking that I'm involved with this company. For those of you who know me personally you can testify that developing a website is something I've been planning for some time. I just want all of you to know that anything I promote on my website would be something I'd promote to my own family. Anything I create and have for sale will be of the best quality that I can make it and I will be completely honest on my website in every way.

I purposefully have not given out the name of the company because from what I read, an honest person could use the program legitimately (I'm honest, but I'm not going there). There are just going to be too many people out there wanting to make a quick buck. My best warning will be to stick with dealing with websites that you know have been in business for a while (unlike mine, sigh) or with people you know can trust.

Anyway, I'll keep you up-to-date with the upcoming launch. It is an exciting time for me. BTW...Don't expect too much. I'm just starting small. Very small.
Baskets of blessings to you all,

1 comment:

J.R. said...

I'm glad you are finally branching out, and have decided to open up your own shop. I will certainly buy from you. I adore your art! Plus, I'm looking forward to seeing all your other baskets!

It's a shame that such good news also coincides with this potential scam thing. All of us who know you also know that your potential involvement with any kind of "irresponsibility" (shall we say) is entirely impossible, considering how giving a person you have always been. I am sure that all of your regular followers wish you the best!

Congrats for taking the next step!

Best wishes,

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