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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Needlecraft Magazine 1925 and Cornflake Macaroons Recipe

While visiting my parents this summer I stumbled upon a treasure of old magazines that belonged to my grandmother. They are all sewing or needle working magazines. This one is a Needlecraft Magazine from 1925 and it cost 10 cents! I think it is so interesting to know that my grandmother and I shared similar interests when it came to hand crafts. The magazine contains many handcraft patterns as well as articles.
I wanted to share portions of the article from this magazine titled Serving Afternoon-Tea by Louise B. Moss Associate Professor of Domestic Science, Pennsylvania State College. I enjoyed reading it and hope you enjoy the snippits from this vintage treasure.
"One of the simplest and most delightful things to serve on a cool fall or winter afternoon is afternoon-tea. It is well to have the essentials in your 'emergency' cupboard. First the tea, orange pekoe being the favorite, next a box of lump-sugar or old fashioned rock-candy. As many prefer lemon rather than cream in their tea, and lemons are not always available, it is well to have some candy lemon-balls on hand which may be used in place of the sliced lemon and sugar.
Nothing is nicer to serve with tea than dainty sandwiches. Plain bread-and-butter sandwiches made of very thin slices of white bread are delicious. The butter must be spread on evenly and the crusts removed to make them more attractive.
Usually we wish to serve some sweet with the tea. Many delicate little cookies may be bought but homemade cookies and cakes are nicer. Remember when making cakes for a tea, they must be small and dainty and easy to eat. A layer-cake with thick, soft frosting is not suitable, as that type of cake necessitates the use of a fork.
A tea-wagon is most convenient when serving afternoon-tea, for all necessary articles may be placed on it and then it may be wheeled into the room where you will serve.
If plans are carefully made beforehand, many guests may be entertained at tea with comparatively little labor. The main points to remembered are that the refreshments must be dainty and the tea-table must be set in such a manner that it will be attractive at all times and be convenient for those who serve."
They list several tea recipes. Here is the recipe given for Cornflake Macaroons
2 whites of eggs
1 cupful of shredded coconut
1 cupful granulated sugar
2 1/2 cupfuls of cornflakes
1 teaspoonful of vanilla
Beat white of eggs stiff, gradually add sugar and continue beating. Fold in remaining ingredients. Drop by teaspoonfuls on to a greased baking-sheet. Bake in a moderate oven until light and golden brown.
(Nancy's note: I am guessing that a moderate oven would be 350 degrees and until light and golden brown I would start checking them after 8 to 10 minutes)
I have been enjoying reading through the articles written in these magazines and seeing how life was several generations ago. My grandmother lived out on a farm so I have a hard time picturing her having afternoon tea, but perhaps she did from time to time.

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Paula said...

I so enjoyed reading this. We can learn so much about the types of food etc. that were around in the 20's. TFS!

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