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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Las Vegas Part 2--The Food

Next to enjoying the shows, we enjoyed the food. Heck, we just enjoy eating in general, but we ate at some places that were a real treat. There is a show on the Travel Channel that we watch called "Man v. Food" staring Adam Richmond. He happened to be in Las Vegas and the channel aired the Las Vegas show before our trip. We took notes on some of the places Adam visited and we made sure to stop at these fabulous feasts.

Adam recommended the dish sitting in front of Mike. It is called Fried Chicken Eggs Benedict and is from the restaurant called Hash House a Go Go. It was sooooo good.

Our second recommendation from the Travel Channel was this restaurant called Hot and Juicy Crawfish. (growing up in Kansas we called them crawdads) You know, I had never eaten one before that day. They are the poor man's lobster. Hot and Juicy Crawfish put a lot of spicy seasonings on them and tons, I mean TONS of garlic. (good thing we both were eating the same thing!) The crawfish are served and eaten out of plastic bags.
As I've written before, we lived just south of Munich for 4 years. We used to go to the original Hofbrauhaus. Here in Las Vegas at the Hofbrauhaus the food was just as we remembered it and they even had a German polka band. The pretzel is oh so good and is an authentic favorite of mine. It is served here with a spicy mustard, German sweet mustard and Obatzda Kase. Obatzda Kase is a Bavarian cheese that can't be beat.
Here is the recipe for Obatzda Kase.
Camembert cheese and butter 3:1. Cream these together to make smooth. Add paprika and chopped onion to taste.

The photos above and below are from the buffet at Paris hotel. I shared my desserts with Mike and my diet Coke counteracted the calories from these luscious plates of food.
At the Paris, they make my all time favorite food, crepes! Mine has cherries and bananas in it with a cherry sauce and toasted almonds on top. When we lived in Germany we toured France and I learned how to make crepes! I brought back to the US with me a cast iron crepe pan and all the utensils used to make them. Ok, I'm getting hungry again just typing this blog post. Crepes are going on the dessert menu at our house for later this week.

My favorite place to eat, and I don't have any photos of it, was the buffet at the Bellagio. Everything there was just perfect.
BTW...The hotel we stayed in was the Rio. We did eat at their World Carnival buffet, but it didn't compare to the Paris or the Bellagio.
Yes we ate, and ate. I'm back at Jazzercise today.
Hugs and Blessings,


Juliana said...

Good times, good can't beat that! The two of you make a really cute couple and sounds like you had the time of your life! Cheers!

Paula said...

Yum! You are making me hungry and I am supposed to be losing weight. I think I just gained 3 pounds by looking! Glad you had a great time!

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