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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Profits from Basket Weaving

I was listening to Zig Ziglar's podcast, Inspiring Words of Encouragement. (you can download this podcast series for free from iTunes) Anyway, he was speaking today about how what we do will benefit, and is profit for ourselves and others. It got me to thinking about how I profit as a person through my basket weaving.

There are people weaving baskets for $$$. Some of them are selling through galleries and others through small shops. There are teachers, such as myself, who make money through teaching basket weaving. Some people sell their patterns they design, and there are other who are selling weaving supplies. Some people are doing quite well and others are making just a bit of spending money. Either way, what a wonderful thing to make at least a little money doing something you truly enjoy.

Do you know though that there are other profits, or benefits, made from basket weaving? I think there are some really terrific profits such as the profit of increase in your self-esteem. How great it is to feel good about yourself in learning a new skill or technique.

The profit of self-satisfaction is another. One of my favorite things about basket weaving is the short time frame required to complete a basket. I run my classes 3 1/2 hours each. I used to have them 3 hours, but there was always one or two students who needed a bit more time and I didn't want anyone to feel rushed. In that three hour time block you will have a started and completed a project ready for use. Most crafts take much longer and some can even take months to complete. What a great satisfaction you receive when completing a basket in just an evening's time.

There is the profit of leaving a legacy. If baskets are properly cared for they will last several hundred years. How wonderful to have your baskets passed down from generation to generation and to have your great-great-great-great grandchild think of you weaving this basket. They will wonder what you used this basket for. It will be treasured. This leads to the importance of documentation, the signing and dating of our baskets

The profit of gratitude that you receive from others by giving baskets as a gift. I don't know anyone who wouldn't appreciate a handwoven basket. Not only are they beautiful, but they are functional as well. Everyone can use baskets to help with organization and who doesn't need a bit more organization in their life. I know with baskets I've given others, I've been thanked many times over for them. To receive a word of thanks is so uplifting.

These are just some of the ways I thought of that I have and will profit from my basket weaving. How do you feel you profit from basket weaving or other art/craft skill that you have?




Anonymous said...

Next post, well written. When I first started to paint my family and friends said, oh you could see that at the market, etc. I have no desire to sell at the market, however I am accumulating a lot of pieces. My family get a lot of home made gifts so I truly understand your point. I am thankful for this time to be able to create and not be stressed by the need to make any money. Blessings.
QMM ♥♥♥

Juliana said...

First thing that came to my mind is that I get to meet such wonderful people, like you.....make new friends and get to know current friends better! Basket weavers are among the nicest people I know!

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

Of course! How could I forget about the wonderful benefit of making new friends. I agree, I've never met a basket weaver I didn't like.

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