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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Around the House Saturday

Whew! Our summer is coming to an end even though it is only mid August. Emily started school last Thursday. Tim started on Friday and Katie will start this Monday. Emily and Tim are homeschooling/hybrid schooling. It is public schooling online that for the most part they do at home. They go into a classroom for a few hours two days a week but the majority of their work is done at home. We did this with Emily last year and it was such a success that Tim wanted to do it this year. Honestly it is a blessing in more ways than I can describe. In a couple of weeks I'll have to post more about their schooling and how it works. I find it fascinating. Katie goes to the public high school and is a junior this year.

I wanted to hit a few highlights of the summer that I hadn't covered in my blog yet because as you can tell, blogging (and basket weaving) have been on the side burner for the summer.

Mike, Katie and Tim went to Emerald Bay in California for a week with 16 scouts. Katie is an active venture scout and Mike is an assistant scout master. For a week they got to swim in the ocean, snorkel, scuba dive, canoe, hike and learn about aquatic marine life. While they did that, Emily and I took a trip on Amtrak to visit my family in Kansas.

This past week Tim became a First Class Scout. Here we are after he has presented me with my Mother's pin. We are so proud of him!

Emily and Tim's birthday parties got postponed until these past couple of weeks just due to our schedule. I took Emily and her friends to Cliff's Amusement park. It is a small local park with a rides that are similar to a state fair. For Tim's birthday party he wanted to go paint balling. Something we have never done. It is dangerous. I was standing in the doorway taking some pictures and got hit in the neck with one. Thankfully I had the face protection on, but nothing to protect my neck. Those little boogers really hurt!

The garden is at its peak and is starting to taper off due to the heat. What grapes are left are turning into raisins. The tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers have been flavorful and the pumpkin vines are dying off now. I don't know if the pumpkins will make it until the end of October.
So, now that school is starting, I'm hoping things will get back into a routine a bit more. I'm anxious to do more weaving and to make some more videos. Are your children going back to school this week? Have you all had a wonderful summer? I'd love to hear what you've been up to during these warm/hot months.
Love and Blessings,

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