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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thou Shall Not Steal!

Exodus 20:15

I am hurt and sad that someone broke into our truck while my girls had it at the mall. Katie is 16 and this is the very first time I've let her drive it to the mall without me. Our mall is a pretty direct shot from our house about 10 minutes away. (yes,I'm an over-protective mama). Katie went with Emily and they took some packages out to the truck, put them under the seat, and then went back in to shop. Katie calls later and says they are leaving the mall and will be home shortly. Then she calls 2 minutes later crying and upset. I was afraid she ran into something and thankfully she did not. Instead someone broke into the lock on the passenger's side and took all their packages and hubby's sunglasses. It's hurtful and it's sad and has led to some long discussions. Their packages totaled about $100. Those poor girls work long and hard hours babysitting and other odd jobs to earn their money. We filed a police report. What is so frustrating is I firmly believe in the golden rule. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." No one in my family would ever EVER steal from someone. In fact, we are just the opposite in giving to those in need. Katie quoted our priest from Sunday who was paraphrasing what Padre Pio said, "They don't believe in hell now, but they will when they get there." I told the children they need to pray for whoever broke into the truck that they find Jesus Christ and turn their lives around. Emily had a Bible diary in the truck that they found, no surprise, they left that in the seat. Sigh...

On a more positive note. I'm involved in something that I'm finding quite fun. It is a Mystery CAL (Crochet a-long). It is an internet group and the leader puts up several rows of crochet instructions that we do. I have no clue what we are making, but we have been informed that it is a garment. I kind of feel like I am doing a mystery basket weave along with my videos. You don't know what I have planned with the basket and how it will turn out until the end! It's a mystery! Anyway, it is fun. I just finished the sample swatch to learn our stitches the other day. I'm going to use the sample as a dishcloth. For the mystery project we are crocheting some long rows of this design.

May you all have a wonderful day and be treated by others with only kindness and goodness.




Juliana said...

Nancy, I am SO sorry to hear your girls were robbed! Sadly, it seems to be getting to be a very common occurence these days. Over the weekend, someone went around our "neighborhood" and just bashed mailboxes, including a "Prayer" box at the church down the road. Fortunately ours wasn't hit, but my sister's and MIL's were.
I love the idea of the crochet-along! Is it open for anyone to join? Yours looks really good so far!
Teaching my first class tomorrow to a friend, her daughter and her son's girlfriend! I'll let you know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Oh Nancy, I am so sorry the girls had to go through that. Yep I'm sure they didn't take the Bible journal. What about the crochet blog. I love to crochet and read patterns pretty good. Is it too late to start?

Paula said...

What a horrible experience for you and the girls. Maybe we should place scripture in our belongings when we store them in our vehicles so the theives are sure to go home with the word of God.
Your crochet experience sounds so fun!

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