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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Share a Basket and savoring Summer

I'm here. I really am! Oh the summer is making me so happy. I wish you could be with me right now on my back patio. We finished roasting hot dogs on the fire pit (It's our third night this past seven days to be roasting out there and we've ingested bags of marshmallows already) and we've been playing lots and lots of board games. I'm spending way too much time outdoors but I just can't get enough of this gorgeous weather. I bet I have a hundred tomatoes on the vine, some I've already picked! Yum! And my grapes....We will have a harvest. I wish you were my neighbors so that I could just share my bounty over the back fence with all of you. I also harvested some of my first rhubarb ever and made a rhubarb and strawberry cake. Double yum as I whipped up some heavy cream with a bit of sugar to go on top. The kiddos are happy and spend hours on the trampoline with the hose playing all sorts of made up games and come in soaking wet and full of laughter. It's not just my kids as I feel sometimes that the entire neighborhood of children has stopped by. So, as I said, I'm here, I really am. As much as I enjoy spending time on my blog and on the computer, it doesn't compare with spending time in the sunshine. We have a couple more short camping trips planned for this summer plus I'll be taking Amtrak again with the children to visit my parents. These days will fly, and when things slow down again, my blog will pick back up. Please understand if the posts are fewer and farther in between.
What are you doing this summer? I'd love to hear some of the fun things you are doing with your family.

Oh...My basket in the photo above....This is a desk basket. I wove it years ago from a pattern that had no photo. I remember weaving it thinking it was a mystery basket! I tried searching for the pattern in my binders but with no avail. I'm sorry, I don't know who the author of this pattern is. The basket is quite large and I always thought it was large enough for a cat to lay in, but it is called a desk basket. For quite a while, I used to have it on my desk holding my pencil caddy as well as notebooks, paperclips and so forth. Now it sits on a shelf just looking pretty.
Hmmm...perhaps this is a desk basket for a cat? I don't have a cat.
Anyway, Just stop on by for a glass of iced tea and let weave a while together on the back patio.
Love and Blessings,


Barkley's Mommy said...

I'll come by for a "weave" any time. I'll also share my fruit/veggie harvest later this year. Remember... I'm just over the fence!

Hugs and blessings~

Anonymous said...

I love the outdoors too, but all it has done in Ky. is rain, rain, rain. The grass is super green, or blue, but I will keep on blogging since I have been having to stay inside.
Blessings, enjoy your family

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