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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Almost Finished! - Handwoven rug and a Give Away!

Dear Friends,
Remember this?
Well it is almost finished!  Yippee!!  Just a few more rows and I'm ready to remove it from the loom.
The project wouldn't have taken nearly as long if I'd have just sat down and done it.
I'm doing the happy dance because I'm finishing it today.

Here is the give-away part.  I know I will not be weaving anymore rugs.  This size is approx 2' x 3'.  I like quicker projects :-)

If you would like the loom, and you are in the Albuquerque area, shoot me an e-mail to: basketmaster_nancy (at) yahoo (dot) com and I will be happy to meet you at a nearby McDonalds and give it to you.  You have until Feb. 1st to e-mail me.  I will not ship this, you have to be able to pick it up.  First one to e-mail me gets it.

If no one e-mails me, I'm going to contact my instructor and give it to her.  The cost of the loom was included in my class.  I'm sure she can use it for another student, but I would love to give it to one of you.

Hugs and blessings,


ShirleyJo said...

I love your rug. Just found your blog today while searching for pictures or patterns for a tobacco basket. I have been wanting to make a rag rug for awhile. Yours is really nice. I hope your instructor enjoys it.
Shirley Hill

ShirleyJo said...

I love your rug. I've been wanting to make a rag rug for a long time. Did you enjoy the process? I hope your teacher enjoys seeing it.


Anonymous said...

So you got your rug finished and then what? I am soooo curious what you've been doing since then?

Anonymous said...

I sometimes find the simple act of leaving a comment rather difficult. I know I made a previous comment and not sure where it went so I'm making another one. Just curious what you've been doing this past year. John 21: 6 is rather refreshing. It's always nice when Jesus shows up!

Hand Woven said...

Hand Oven products are always best..

Julie Aird said...

Hi Nancy, just found your blog. I am a person with a disability and as a little girl my mom and dad gave me a loom for children. I have forgotten whether or not I could do it successfully. I am near retirement age. I am somewhat in-coordinate and now have arthritis in my neck and shoulders. I thought I could try weaving on a loom. Is your "free" offer still available? If so, I have a sister and friends in ABQ who could pick it up. My email is

I love you instructional videos!!

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