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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book Review - Rib Baskets

Good Afternoon Friends,
I was asked some questions about my egg basket that I mentioned HERE and if I had a pattern for it.  I'm sorry to say but I have not put a pattern for ribbed baskets here on the blog.  I've only woven about a dozen of them and they just are not my favorite.  Sorry, I know some of you love weaving them and you do such beautiful work.

I have a book that I use called Rib Baskets by Jean Turner Finley.  It is soft cover, 80 pages and published in 1987.  It discusses materials, general directions for all rib baskets, decorative options and the following basket variations:  Melon Basket, 8" Roll Basket, Scottish Yarn Basket, Potato Basket, 8", 10" and 12" Egg Baskets, 7" and 10" Key Baskets, Herb Basket, Hen Basket, Oriole Basket, Market Basket, Rounded Market Basket, Classic Appalachian Basket, Wreath, Shelf and Doll Cradle.

Even though it is an older book it has MANY photos and illustrations that clearly explain how to weave a ribbed basket.  Once you learn the basic steps with regards to the hoops, ears, ribs and weavers then you can step out in your weaving by changing the shape to create the baskets mentioned above.

Many public libraries have some basic basket weaving books that often contain instructions for making ribbed baskets.  Rib Baskets by Jean Turner Finley just happens to be on my bookshelf and if you are looking to purchase one, I think this book is very thorough and complete in explaining ribbed basketry.
Happy Weaving,

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Anonymous said...

I found your videos on youtube, and they were really helpful! I have a question, though- which is harder, circle baskets or square baskets? I signed up to make a basket for our local county fair, but have no previous basket experience, and we're supposed to make our own pattern. I'm pretty creative, so I think I can pull it off, but I don't want to take on something too hard.


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