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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Whew...What a Week

Hi Friends,

I know it is only Thurs. but it has been a busy week here. You've heard me say this before and I'll say it again, May is the second busiest month of the year. There are so many end of the school year activities.

We've had my in-laws visiting this week.

We started building trellises for the grape vines.  That's Mike and my Father-in-law setting the posts.

Going back to Mother's Day...It started off with church. My sweet children had their own surprises for me.

Timothy made my mother-in-law and I brownies and wrote on them "Happy M-Day" complete with candles. Emily wrote me a heartfelt letter. Katie gave me a gift card to the book store. I received a tape recorder/microphone for my podcasts from Mike and he took me out to eat. It was a no cook day.  Yea!

Katie has had another school play she was in on Monday night for her drama class final.

On Tuesday night Katie was confirmed into the church.  It was a very special evening.
The top picture is Katie with Bishop Tofoya and her sponsor Justin who is also the youth director of our church.
The bottom picture is 1/2 of Katie's class.  The other half of the class is getting confirmed next week.

On Wednesday night Timothy had a Court of Honor scouting ceremony and received a couple of merit badges.  That is Tim on the left with the American flag.  He is currently a Star Scout.

This week Emily (who I don't have a picture of here, bad mom) completed her ice skating lessions and has tested and advanced to level 8 which she is very excited about.

Today is a quiet day with nothing unusual on the calendar. I'm catching up on laundry, cleaning and e-mails. School ends in a little less than two weeks now. I can't wait!





Busy but a beautiful week, I remember when my kids were confirmed it was so wonderfully touching. Yay for no cook days those should happen more often!

Carmie, the Single Nester said...

I've been out of the loop for awhile due to the death of my brother and I am not getting back into blogging and I see you changed your blog. Very nice.

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