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Thursday, April 16, 2009

More about Lashing Tools and Replies to Comments

Hi Friends,

First, I want to thank Debbie about telling me about the EZ Lasher. I've never used this tool but I did check into it. Here is a place it can be purchased. I've not purchased from this company, but I did a quick google search for the EZ Lasher and this is what first popped up. It looks very interesting as look at the picture. It fits right on the end of your lasher. I'm not sure if it would pop off easily when lashing, but it is an interesting concept. If it would stay attached to the lasher then I think it would be just as good as a Lash Buddy.

Second, Tea, I'm laughing because I wouldn't say I'm showing you the 'proper' way to lash a rim, I'm just showing you 'my' way. In fact, I started out with using a small flat blade screwdriver and I ask my students to bring a screwdriver just for the fact of lashing on a rim to 'create the space'. Screwdrivers work mighty fine. What happens though, is I let my students try out my lashing tool and they are hooked and in some instances have one of their own in hand for the next class! hehehe I have a new weaving friend, Darlene and she uses a bone tool and although I've watched others use it, I, myself, have never tried one.

Bone Lashing Tool

Also, while doing further research on lashing tools, I came across one being sold by Royalwood that looks like it would work well. Here is a photo. It is called a Stainless Steel Lashing Fid with hardwood handle and it sells for $9.95. This is something new that I've never seen before.
Finally, I wanted to add, that if you do decide to purchase the Lash Buddy or Lash Saver, in some instances it comes in a small or large size. My personal preference in the small size. When lashing a rim, I lash with 11/64" or 1/4" and both work well with the small size lash buddy. I have found that when using the large size lashing tool, sometimes my spokes are too close together to use it so I continually reach for the small tool. If you are weaving a twill weave basket, you may find that even a lash buddy is too big of a tool to use between your close spokes.

I hope this is giving you all some insight into lashing tools.

Baskets of Blessings and have a wonderful weekend,


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Paula said...

OOOH! I like the looks of that EZ lasher!

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