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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Technique/Tip Tuesday--Book Review--Splint Woven Basketry

Dear Friends,
When I first started basket weaving, fall 1994, I asked my instructor what book she would recommend for learning more about basket weaving. She recommended without hesitation Splint Woven Basketry by Robin Taylor Daugherty. I immediately went out and got it and for quite a long time it was my basket weaving Bible. Still to this day, I refer to it for tips and advice.
My copy was published in 1986 but it was reprinted in 1999. The review I give you comes from my 1986 copy, but I would have to believe that the 1999 edition is just as valuable if not more so.
Splint Woven Basketry is a perfect book for the novice as well as advanced weaver. The photos and drawings are well done and very descriptive. It is easy to follow along while weaving just through the use of the many photos.
Chapters include: Getting Ready, Ribbed Baskets, Plaited Baskets, Spoked Baskets and Finishing Touches.
The book mainly includes patterns made from reed. There are no coiled or pine needle baskets. Robin includes a very nice variety of approximately 30 patterns and one is even of a doll cradle. Her directions are straightforward and she even has historical notes to explain each style of basket. The difficulty of the patterns range from beginner to advanced.
Though the book is not new, it is timeless and continues to be inspirational to me when designing my baskets. It is certainly the one that first comes to mind when I have students asking about books.
This book is found in many public libraries so if you have trouble getting it at your local bookstore, be sure to check the library for a copy.
It is a softback book and contains 160 pages. ISBN 0-934026-22-x
Happy Weaving,


Tea said...

Oh, I need that book! Thank you for posting about it.

Cathryn said...

You're right, Robin's book is an excellent one, my first copy is all dog eared and stained. I have several copies of both now editions. You can find them on, and also on eBay, frequently at very reasonable prices.

When/if you see a copy of the 1999 reprint, I'm sure you will notice some antler baskets there in the center artist gallery that look familiar! Three or four of mine where selected to be included in the reprint.

Happy Weaving!

The Wicker Woman-Cathryn Peters-Angora, MN

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