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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Share A Basket Sunday

Hi Everyone,

I'm home from spring break. Had a wonderful time with the children visiting my parents. We took the Amtrak and were gone for almost a week. Thankfully we got back just in time as the "Epic" blizzard, as they were calling it, was just about to hit. And snow it did. We had beautiful but windy weather in Kansas during spring break and after getting out of there it snowed 18+ inches. Here is a picture of the kids on the Amtrak. Coming home it was so nice because the train car was not full and we were able to spread out.

I was able to spend some nice time with my parents. I cannot believe I didn't get a picture of my dad, but here is my mother and she will be turning 79 this June. I think she looks great. She has battled breast cancer and has a new hip and I feel so blessed with how well she is doing. BTW...See her working in the kitchen. My parents bought this house before I was born! They've lived in it about 50 years now. The stove was new when I was a little girl. It has to be about 30 years old now and she won't trade it in on a newer model. I also love the apron she is wearing. That is then next thing I want to sew are some aprons for myself. Do you think that wearing arpons puts you in the mood to clean? Also, there is no dishwasher or garbage disposal. We did the dishes by hand three times a day while I visited. Oh how thankful I am for my modern kitchen.

I helped mom pin a quilt to get it ready for her to machine quilt it. I'll share some pictures of her quilts another day. While I was there I noticed that I have done a lot of crafting over the years. I knew I had done some, but I didn't realize just how much! I took pictures of some of it and will also be sharing that in upcoming posts from time to time. The one I am sharing today is a basket I wove from fabric and paper twist. Do you remember paper twist? The frame of this basket is made from 3 brown paper bags put together for strength and then the paper twist and fabric was woven around the paper bags. The basket is lined with fabric that is held in place using hot glue. The lace is also held in place with hot glue. I must have woven this basket 25 years ago. It was a fun find. I can't believe all the things mom has kept that I have made.

During the week I did a fair amount of crocheting. I made several dish clothes and gave them to mom. I also crocheted a scarf and two place mats. I'm having a lot of fun with this new skill I'm learning.

I hope all of you have had a wonderful and blessed week.


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fossils fotos said...

Nancy - Glad you made it back from Spring Break. Don't ask where I was when the snow hit. LOL I made paper twist baskets too but we used a shoebox for the base. Never used fabric for the weaving just the lining -cool idea. See you soon - Faith

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