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Basketmaster's Weavings is about my passions, much of which revolves around basket weaving. I weave with reed and I love teaching others to weave. Many of the patterns and styles that I show in the blog are geared to the beginning weaver, or even the brand new weaver. If you have been thinking about wanting to learn to weave, then this blog is for you. Throughout the blog and videos I take you step by step through each and every process of weaving. I want you to be successful in weaving the very first time you try. For the intermediate and advanced weaver, my wish is that you take ideas that I show, mix them up a bit, and incorporate them into your own beautiful creations.

Happy Weaving and Baskets of Blessings to all my visitors,


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Monday, November 24, 2008

Basket Classes

Basket classes are up and running. I am so excited to see this happening. It is so good to be teaching again. Here is a photo of my very first class in my home this past week. It is from left to right, myself, Faith and Naomi. You girls did a beautiful job. It is hard to believe it is your first basket you did such a great job!

May your baskets always be full of many, many blessings,



Thursday, November 20, 2008

French Randing Basket

I wove this basket using a technique called French Randing. To double my fun I used two colors of reed placed side by side as I wove the diagonal weave. This gives an interesting look to any basket. The best tip yet is that it gives you something to do with all those short scraps you have laying around. Those pieces woven in are actually only about 8" long.
Have fun and try this neat technique.
Baskets of Blessings,

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lamp Basket

This is one of my very favorite baskets. Ok, I say that about most all my baskets. hehehe
Seriously though, I love this basket. It is my own pattern and I wanted it delicate so it is woven with 11/64" flat reed. The "D" handle is a lamp handle and came prewired. The trick with this basket was including the dangling beads with the rim. Looking at this picture the beads look like tiny lights. What I did here was I stained the entire thing, even my lasher before lashing on the rim with the beads. When all the pieces were stained I lashed on the rim sandwiching in the ribbon of beads. I made sure to keep the lasher very wet because since it was already stained, it felt a bit more brittle. This basket sits on my kitchen counter. On one side it holds a ceramic container that I keep pens, pencils and scissors in. On the other side fits a square Kleenex box. On the end I drape my sunglasses so I don't lose them. It is very practical and gets a lot of use. As a side note here. Hobby Lobby has all their fall craft items 66% off this week. I got some very pretty beads similar to what I used on this basket on sale there today and was thinking what basket I would weave them into. The ideas are forming in my head.
Happy weaving and baskets of blessings,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 2008 Issue 1

Basketmaster’s Weavings
November 2008 Newsletter, Issue 1

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my very first newsletter! I’m excited to bring it to you.

I had a nice time at St. Thomas Aquinas craft show and I was glad to meet so many of you. How wonderful to find and meet other weavers as well as those of you who want to learn! For my friends who showed up and supported me, a big thank you. For my new friends I just met, I look forward to getting to know all of you.

I plan to send this newsletter out monthly. It will contain information on my classes as well as other weaving news that I want to pass on to you. If any of you have information for my newsletters, please e-mail it to me so I can get it in the next issue. If you ever wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter, just let me know. Also, I will never share your e-mail with anyone.

I cannot believe we are 2 weeks into November with Thanksgiving fast approaching. During November and as we near Thanksgiving, we are called to pause and reflect on our many blessings. As I sit and weave quietly I am given some time to myself when I can think of how great our God is and of all he has given us. I hope you can find time in your schedule to do the same.

Class Schedule for November Kit of the Month

Class Dates and Times:
Monday, November 17, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
Friday, November 21, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
Friday, November 21, 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm

We will be weaving the November kit of the month, a square Christmas gift basket. Cost for the class is $25 and that includes all your weaving material to make one basket. If you choose to weave an identical second basket on your own, the cost of materials only kit is $10. It is helpful, to let me know ahead of time if you will be wanting additional basket kits and I will have them ready for you.

Class size is limited. Please call or e-mail me early so I may reserve your spot. Reservations are taken on a first come first serve basis. I will form a waiting list as needed. At this time, all classes are held in my home in Cabezon, 5 minutes west of the church. I will send all students specific directions.

Again, I provide all the weaving material. What you need to bring are the following:
Tape measure
Dish pan or large bucket to hold water
Old kitchen scissors
Old bath towel
A dozen or so spring type clothespins
A great attitude and a smile on your face ;- )
Please wear old clothing to class

Question of the month:
Nancy, How did you get started in basket weaving?
Answer: I was working as an RN and signed up for a basket weaving class through the parks and recreation in Peoria, Arizona. I took the class and made my first basket. The next day I took the basket to work to show the other nurses. They were surprised that I made a cute little basket in just one evening and they asked me if I could teach them how to do it. I said sure! That was my start. From there we moved to Wichita, Kansas. I taught weekly for the parks and recreation department there. It was at that time I started writing my own basket patterns. I formed a basket weaving guild with another lady in Wichita called “Basket Weavers on the Prairie.” From there we moved several more times before settling in Rio Rancho. With each move, I've taught classes to anyone who wanted to learn.

Ok, remember, this is my very first newsletter so if I’ve failed to mention something that you have a question about, please call or send me an e-mail and I’ll get right back to you with an answer. I love, Love, LOVE weaving and I look forward to sharing my joy and enthusiasm of it with you.


May you have baskets of blessings,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Dear Friends,

After the weekend craft show I've been spending time reclaiming my house and taking care of the joyous task of house cleaning. Ok, if you know me, you know I'm joking because I don't like house cleaning. It's just one of those necessary tasks in life. Also last Monday I had some minor toe surgery so I was off my feet for the last couple of days and my house has really been calling my name, "Nancy, Clean me. Mop my floors. Wipe down the shower." hehehe Today my foot feels sooo much better so I'm trying to get order reestablished and good home cooking back on the table. My poor family has had pizza, hamburgers and Kentucky Fried Chicken the last few days. Thank goodness for take-out but I bet our cholesterol has gone up 50 points. (Mine is already high, yikes.)

What I wanted to share with you is that I'm in the process of creating a monthly newsletter. For those of you at the craft show who gave me your e-mail address, I have those. The newsletter will hopefully be out by the end of this week. I plan to put the newsletter up on my blog each month, but for you readers here who would like to receive the newsletter in your in-box each month, just send me send me an e-mail with "newsletter" in the subject line. I'll add your e-mail address to my list and it will come to you directly that way. Please believe me, I will not share your e-mail address with anyone. I won't spam your in-box with junk. You will only receive basket weaving information about the classes I'm teaching as well as other basket weaving information I feel worthy to pass on. If at any time you no longer wish to receive e-mails from me, just let me know.

Have a wonderful day and Happy Weaving,



Saturday, November 8, 2008

Craft Show Day 1

I'm home from the craft show. Everyone is either relaxing at home or off somewhere. I have some quiet time to myself. Here are a couple of pictures of my show space, which consisted of one 8 foot table. Yes, that is me in the yellow shirt! I don't post a picture of myself very often. The show was on the slow side, but I made some sales and have been compiling an e-mail list for a newsletter. More on that in a few days. The exciting part is that there are people in the area who already weave that I got to meet and others who are really interested in learning! The show continues tomorrow as well.
Have a great evening.

Friday, November 7, 2008

November Kit of the Month

I've decided to do a kit of the month. Actually, after the first of the year I may do three kits of the month. I will teach these kits in classes as well as offer them for purchase for anyone who wants to weave more outside of class. This will also provide an option for anyone who wants to weave but cannot attend my classes.

The picture above is the first, November, "Kit of the Month". It is a Christmas gift basket that measures about 5 1/2" square by about 3" high. The kit includes everything needed to make one of these sweet beginner baskets including the decorative ribbon and the little gift box embellishment. I have written a pattern for it which is included in the kit. The pattern is a typical basket weaving pattern and it assumes that you have some basic knowledge of weaving; for instance twining and lashing on a rim. Weaving level: Beginner

At this time, I do not have a shopping cart system set up, but if any of you are interested in this kit, please e-mail me at

The cost of the kit is $10 and shipping is an additional $5. Shipping cost can be combined on multiple kit orders. There will be an additional charge on over-seas orders. Please contact me for that information.

I'm getting ready to go to the church to set up for my craft show. Please wish me luck!
Love and baskets of blessings,


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Craft Show This weekend!

I've been spending time getting ready for the craft show this Saturday and Sunday. If you are in the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho area please stop by. It is at St. Thomas Aquinas church, 1502 Sara Rd , Rio Rancho. That is across the street to the west of Intel. It is in Fr. D'Arco hall behind the church from 8 to 4. I will be selling my baskets as well as demonstrating basket weaving. My goal is to line up some classes to teach and get started with that again. I'm getting excited! This is just the beginning!

Happy Weaving.

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