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Basketmaster's Weavings is about my passions, much of which revolves around basket weaving. I weave with reed and I love teaching others to weave. Many of the patterns and styles that I show in the blog are geared to the beginning weaver, or even the brand new weaver. If you have been thinking about wanting to learn to weave, then this blog is for you. Throughout the blog and videos I take you step by step through each and every process of weaving. I want you to be successful in weaving the very first time you try. For the intermediate and advanced weaver, my wish is that you take ideas that I show, mix them up a bit, and incorporate them into your own beautiful creations.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bun Basket

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bakset Photographing Day

I spent some time this morning photographing about half the baskets that I have. Be sure to go back and look at the previous posts to see what I've been weaving! Here is a another picture of a basket that I wove years ago.

Enjoy! Love,


Friday, August 29, 2008

More Research Today

I spent a good amount of time researching the various basket weaving stores where I can purchase my supplies and have made a spread sheet that shows which store has the best price for the most common items that I use. I even located some import dealers who bring reed from Hong Kong, Europe and Asia. Unfortunately those sites did not have pricing or minimum quantities. I guess my best bet at least for right now is to buy it from a U.S. supplier until I see how things go.
I also spent time using my scrapbooking tool, the Cricut, to cut some shapes that I can make into decorative boxes and hopefully sell them at the church craft show.
I did laundry and vacuumed. With everything I didn't get any weaving done today. So until tomorrow....

P.S. Here is a basket that I wove some time ago. Most every house we've ever lived in has been 2 story and so this basket has gone through many moves and has had a lot of use! You can even see a couple of places where reed has broken because this poor basket has been abused! ;- )

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Basket Weaving, Basket Making, Snowman Wall Basket

Woo Hoo! 2 Posts in one day. First I must clarify that even though my title states basket #4, I have woven hundreds and hundreds of baskets. This is just my 4th basket since I've decided to pursue a home based business and have felt basket weaving is the direction I should take with it. Ok, I did get to weave and actually just completed an unfinished basket that has been sitting around the house for hmmm...years. It is a wall basket with a ceramic snowman buckle and a wire snowman for hanging. I promise to get pictures up soon.

Now for even better news. I was looking at the wrong month on my calendar when I was hoping to get into the New Mexico Small business administration classes. I can fit them in after all! Ok, it's the little things that get me excited, but I AM excited! So that's my news.

Research Day

I haven't had a chance to do any weaving today but have spent it doing other things towards my business. First off, I drove to the state fairgrounds and entered some of my baskets and one scrapbook page. They only have two basket weaving divisions and I entered in both. One was general basketry and the other Southwest basket weaving. I think it would be so neat to win a ribbon. The fair starts in a week so I hope to find out soon!

After that I went to the Westside branch of New Mexico Community College. I was wanting to see if there were any classes that would be of benefit to me. I'll have to ask Mike about a Windows class, but I may know everything that they would be teaching in that one. They have a few entrepreneurial classes but they are all way down south and I'm not willing to make the drive, at least not at this time in my business venture. There is nothing available for home business.

Next I did some research on the internet and I found New Mexico Small Business Association. They have free, or inexpensive classes! They are an overview and are for one evening each. Yea! They looked perfect. I checked my calendar and wouldn't you know, two of them are scheduled for when we are at the scout campout. One I could attend on Sun. evening and it is devoted to marketing. I plan to take that class. Well, I bookmarked that site and will be checking it often.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Basket Weaving, Basket Making, Shopping List Basket

I'm on a roll here. I made a cute basket to hold a shopping list. It took about 50 minutes to make. I used 5/8" flat for the side stakes and I used 1/2" flat for the front and back stakes. The weavers were 3/8" flat and 1/4" flat. The spiral was 11/64" flat/oval and the round reed was #2. Now I've got to get busy and get some pictures of what I've been doing.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Woven Napkin Basket and I got a Cricut

I made a square basket today. This was made using 1/2" flat reed for the stakes and 3/8" flat and 11/64" flat/oval for the weavers. I really liked using this pretty brown. The state fair is coming up. I can enter some of my baskets on Thursday. I've never entered anything into the fair so this is a first for me. Oh, one more thing, today is my birthday. I got a Cricut for myself a couple of months ago off e-bay for my birthday present. Mike brought me roses when he came home from work. Katie had an open house at the high school and then we all went to dinner at Red Lobster. It was a wonderful birthday. (I'm 44)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mini Market Basket

Today I wove a basket. Actually, only half a basket because it is one that had already been started. I've been thinking that basket weaving is perhaps my passion. It has been almost two years since I wove, but in reflecting, weaving has been something I've really enjoyed doing and teaching basket weaving I is something I have loved. It was ok. My fingers kind of hurt a bit but not bad. What I discovered I did not like is that my weaving materials are disorganized. I did NOT like the time it took me to find certain sizes of reed. I spent some time this afternoon getting a good portion of my weaving materials organized. Tomorrow I will weave another basket. It will be one that I will teach at the scout family campout. I am actually looking forward to the campout now because I can do something productive while I'm there. So until tomorrow....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Life Reflections

I've been spending quite a bit of time in prayer and thought about my life's passions and the next direction for my life. The children are all well into school with the youngest now being in middle school. It won't be too many years now before the children leave the nest and then where will I be. What will I do with my time.
I've been so blessed to be a stay at home mom and have given many hours of devotion to my children and husband. I now feel I am at a time in my life where I can begin a focus outside of my family.
What I have reflected on so much is that I want to start my own business. I still don't have clear direction as to what business I will start, but I feel now is the time for the seeds to be planted in this venture. Some of the seeds may not yield, but hopefully I will be able to produce a fruitful harvest in time.
Much of my reflection and prayer in regards to this has been focused on what my passion is. I have come to having a list of things I truly want in my life with regards to having a business.
First and foremost, I want God to be the foundation for whatever business I end up with. I want my business to help people in some way.
I want to be able to keep family as a priority. This may mean that I need my business to be flexible as well as portable where I can take it with me.
I need learning in my life. Well, I've never really had my own business except for doing home parties for Leaving Prints but that hardly counts. I have taught many basket weaving classes and I started, with the help of a dear friend Connie, the basket weaving guild Basket Weavers on the Prairie. Again, that hardly really counts for my own business, but it was a start for me. Therefore, this whole business thing is going to be one big learning adventure. I never want to stop learning and using my mind.
I really enjoy the following: teaching, creativity, traveling, adventure, nature, color...
This is the point where I get to be at a standstill as to what can I do with the things I enjoy. I do know one thing, I need to break out of my routine and get out of the house. I don't know if my business will be something I invent or create, or will it be a service for others. I just know I need to start something now, no matter how small and even if it is not the perfect seed for this venture. I need to plant one seed now. I have plenty of time to nurture that seed or to plant many others and plenty of time to raise those healthy seeds. I must start today. I am starting today.

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