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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Lenten Resolution - Teaching Adults

Dear Friends,

Today is Ash Wednesday. It is an important day on the Christian calendar as it is the beginning of Lent. It is a time of preparation for Easter the highest of Holy Days. It is a time of repentance and prayer. Many people use this season to give up something as a sacrifice and to offer that sacrifice up to God or use this time an a manner that will grow them closer to Him.  I am again teaching religion this year to first graders and I speak to them about Lent and having a Lenten resolution. Those children can come up with some thoughtful answers. "I'm going to share my toys every day." "I'm going to help my mother every day with chores." "I'm going to pray every day." Some I'm sure have heard their parents speak about what they are doing for lent and will say, "I'm not going to watch TV," "I'm not going to eat candy," and so on. I really stress to them, and to my own children that this is a time not just of sacrifice, but a time to keep Christ first and foremost in our thoughts and in our actions. It is a time to work on becoming closer to Christ and becoming a better person.

Last year I worked on truly being obedient to my husband and putting him first above myself. You know what?  Our marriage is stronger now than EVER!  Mike has noticed the little things I've done for him because I continued that resolution past Lent and throughout the year.  He has appreciated me and my works!

I've given quite a bit of thought this past month as to what my Lenten resolution would be this year and I feel a real pulling to work on teaching adults about our Loving Savior.  This is taking me out of my comfort zone let me tell you.  It is one thing to teach children.  Their questions are simple.  It is another thing to teach adults!  I'm not even sure how God wants me to do this but I am placing my trust in Him and I am going to move forward the best I can.  I have been so saddened by the breakdown of families and homes in our society.  With my three children being teenagers I see the hurt their friends experience coming from broken homes.  I believe that faith in our Lord strengthens the home and can help prevent homes from crumbling.  Faith in Jesus should be the foundation in which every home is built upon.

So every day, I'm going to pray about my resolution regarding teaching and do my best to take steps in teaching adults about Christ and asking the Holy Spirit to guide me as to where I can be of service to Him.

My desire through this resolution this year is that I pray those who have do not know Christ can in some way be influenced by me to accept Him and through Him strengthen their homes and families.  It is also that as I teach adults that I too wish to learn more about Christ and His Glorious Mysteries.  God loves each of us so much, I just want the world to know.

Have you made a Lenten resolution? I'd love to hear what you chose this year.
with Love and God's Blessings,

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